The Philippine Bar Exam Admission Requirements for Repeaters

Have you taken the Philippine Bar Exams before but failed the first time? That’s totally fine! The important thing is you’re getting back up and do your part in becoming a licensed attorney in the country.

The number of times you take the Philippine Bar Exams is unlimited – and it can be a daunting examination for repeaters.

However, do take note that candidate degree holders who fail the exams three times will not take another test until they take a regular fourth-year assessment class and a pre-trial examination review at an established law school.

What to expect on your second take of the Philippine Bar Exams

If you are thinking of reapplying for the Philippine Bar Examination this year for admission, it’s best to prepare on what documentary requirements you’ll be needing as prescribed by the Supreme Court to be readmitted – as they now vary from those you have provided during the first take.

In this article, we will detail the requirements you will need to present upon filing your application.

Admission requirements for repeaters

An authenticated petition shall be filed by all Bar Examination applicants in the procedure provided by the Supreme Court is required for admission. All changes, revisions, or deletions of any of the clauses therein shall be strictly forbidden and may constitute reasons for disqualifying in taking the Bar exams.

The 2021 Bar Exams Petition can be downloaded from the website of the Supreme Court and on the Online System of Application.

As well as the authenticated petition, applicants shall also send, unless otherwise specified, the following documents in original copies:

Repeaters without cases

  1. Statement of Good Morality given by two different Philippine Bar representatives who are not related by affinity or consanguinity in the fourth degree civil with the applicant.
  2. The image was taken within 6 months of submission (in a white background [1 1/2 x 1 1/2]) with the name written on it (shape: surname, given name, medium initial) (to be attached in the Petition).

Repeaters with cases

Pending cases

If the claimant has a case/s of some kind pending before any authority against him/her, he/she must submit:

  1. Complaint/Information [Original or certified true copy of the court, prosecutor’s office, or agency concerned]; and
  2. Certification of the case’s standing and pendency.

Decided Cases

If the applicant has a case/s of some kind decided before any jurisdiction filed against him/her, he/she must submit:

  1. Judgment/Decision/Order/Resolution, whichever is applicable [Original or certified true copy of the court, prosecutor’s office, or agency concerned];
  2. Entry of Judgment/Certificate of Finality, as appropriate;
  3. Clearance from the relevant court, prosecutor’s office, or agency.