Respiratory Therapist Licensure Board Exam: Application Requirements, Coverage, and Schedule

If you want to learn more about what it takes to pass the Respiratory Therapist Licensure Board Exam, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we will go over everything there is to know about the board exam, from the requirements to the schedule. But, if you’re intrigued and want to learn more, keep reading.

What is a Respiratory Therapist?

A respiratory therapist (RT) is a trained health professional who specializes in the treatment of your lungs. They are well-versed in high-tech devices such as automatic ventilators. RTs collaborate with doctors and nurses. They work in a variety of hospital settings, including emergency rooms, maternity units, and counseling offices. Other RTs offer care in people’s homes.

Respiratory therapists help those with asthma, measles, emphysema, lung trauma, and other diagnoses improve their results. RTs will evaluate your breathing, suggest workouts, and monitor your progress.

Respiratory therapists can successfully diagnose, advise, and evaluate patients with cardiopulmonary conditions because they understand the basic concepts underlying cardiopulmonary physiology and pathophysiology, as well as biomedical engineering and technology.

Respiratory therapists can create and execute appropriate treatment strategies, procedures, and symptom prevention systems by using critical thought, patient/environment evaluation expertise, and evidence-based professional practice guidance. Respiratory therapists work under the supervision of a physician.

Advanced-level therapists are involved in professional decision-making and patient education, as well as the formulation and execution of guidelines and care strategies, health promotion, disease prevention, and disease control. Despite the fact that they operate under the direction of a specialist, they use substantial independent judgment when delivering respiratory therapy to patients.

What are the Respiratory Therapist Licensure Exams?

With the exception of the Philippine bar examination, the Professional Regulation Committee (PRC) is the official government body in charge of all licensing exams in the nation. As a practice, it is responsible for administering the Respiratory Therapist Licensure Examinations.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy from a prestigious university or college in order to take the Respiratory Therapist Licensure Exams.

In order to protect the dignity of the profession, these are necessary requirements for eligible applicants and soon-to-be practitioners who have completed a licensing test.

Requirements for the Respiratory Therapist Board Examinations

All the following conditions should be fulfilled before qualifying for the Respiratory Therapist Licensure Board Exam:

  • Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA);
  • Three (3) Good Moral Character Certificate from any of the following:
    • Barangay
    • School
    • Church
    • Employer
  • Marriage Contract from the NSO or the PSA (applicable to married female applicants only);
  • Valid NBI Clearance;
  • Passport-sized image of the applicant with a white background and collared attire;
  • Transcript of Records accompanied by a scanned image and the remarks “For Board Review Purposes”;
  • Documentary stamps;
  • An examination payment of Php 900.00;
  • CAV for those schools without SO numbers. Valid NBI Clearance (First Timers & Repeaters);

Respiratory Therapist Licensure Examination Registration Procedure

The PRC LERIS web portal offers an easy interactive process for each license examination, making scheduling an appointment very easy for any applicant. The PRC highly urges all graduates to check their online applications before submitting their paperwork to every provincial or PRC satellite office.

If you are unable to register due to operational confusion, our step-by-step approach will help you arrange your registration; meanwhile, if you are already comfortable with the procedure, head to the PRC LERIS website for immediate registration.

Respiratory Therapist Board Exam Coverage

The licensure examination will cover the following respiratory therapy board exam subjects:

  1. Patient Assessment and Electrocardiography
  2. Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology
  3. Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Therapy
  4. Mechanical Ventilation
  5. Acid-Base Physiology and Blood Gas Interpretation
  6. Airway Care and Management
  7. Pulmonary Function Testing
  8. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  9. Oxygen Therapy

Respiratory Therapist Licensure Exam Schedule in 2021

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, licensure board examinations for respiratory therapists are usually held at least once a year.

This calendar summarizes all licensure examination schedules. This manual outlines where and how candidates for the Respiratory Therapist Licensure Test will be permitted and expected.

Because of the pandemic’s severity, if you have any doubts or questions regarding the licensure test, you can also access the official Commission website on a daily basis for the latest up-to-date news and guidance.