With the upcoming Philippine Bar Examinations fast approaching this November 2021, it’s important to know if you’re all caught up with the bar exam subjects you need to be studying. If you are in need of a refresher, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve lined out the main 7 bar… Continue reading Philippine Bar Exam Coverage 2021

The Supreme Court (SC) has listed out all the requirements for all aspiring lawyers to file an application for admission in taking the Philippine Bar Exams. According to the Supreme Court, all aspiring candidates for the Philippine Bar Exams should file a verified form of the Petition as prescribed by the exclusive administrator of the… Continue reading The Philippine Bar Examination Admission Requirements

Have you taken the Philippine Bar Exams before but failed the first time? That’s totally fine! The important thing is you’re getting back up and do your part in becoming a licensed attorney in the country. The number of times you take the Philippine Bar Exams is unlimited – and it can be a daunting… Continue reading The Philippine Bar Exam Admission Requirements for Repeaters

So you’re done earning your degree and currently getting ready to take the bar examination this year and need a few tips and tricks on how to pass? Then you’re in luck. In this article, we’ve laid a few tips and tricks that can definitely help how to study for the bar exam in the… Continue reading 11 Tips on How to Pass the Philippine Bar Exams

Bar Exam 2021 Philippines update The Bar Exams will be carried out remotely at different local places around the country, with a difference in the tradition and definitely the first time, as confirmed by the Supreme Court on Monday, 15 February. A first in Bar history, test takers will take the exam digitally on their… Continue reading The Philippine Bar Exam 2021

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