Landscape Architect Licensure Board Exam: Application Requirements, Coverage, and Schedule

If you want to learn more about what it takes to pass the Landscape Architect Licensure Board Exam to get your license, you’ve reached the right place. We’ll go over all you need to know about the board exam in this article, from the requirements to the schedule. That said, if you’re curious and want to read more, keep reading.

What is a Landscape Architect?

Landscape architecture is defined as the practice of organizing natural landscapes and land areas in a way that is both useful and visually appealing.

It seeks to provide the most desirable effect for human use and enjoyment of diverse outdoor spaces such as parks, sports fields, and playgrounds. It aims to preserve, conserve, and restore the natural environment and scenery to improve the ecological system and the quality of life.

Landscape architecture is the scientific coordination of all the activities that develop land areas through objective, preliminary research, discussions, conferences, investigations, assessments, plans, specifications, contract papers, oral guidance and direction, and teaching main landscape architecture themes.

What is the Landscape Architect Licensure Examination?

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is the official government organization, except for the Philippine bar exam, for all licensing tests in the Philippines. 

It is responsible for administering the Landscape Architect Licensure Exams regularly.

Requirements for the Landscape Architect Board Examinations

Individuals who wish to take the Landscape Architect Licensure Board Exam are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and must provide the following requirements in order to be eligible for the exam:

  • NSO / PSA Birth Certificate

  • NSO / PSA Marriage Contract (for all married female applicants)

  • Transcript of Records with scanned picture and remarks “For Board Examination Purposes”

  • Application fee of PHP 900

  • Conditioned/removal fee of PHP 450. Take note: Conditioned/Removal examination must be taken within two (2) years from the examination date.

  • A citizen of the Philippines or a citizen of a foreign country/state with which the Philippines has reciprocity for the practice of landscape architecture

Master in Landscape Architecture and PhD in Landscape Architecture are allowed to take the licensure examination. Take note: After three (3) failures, REST one (1) year – for validation – with ARD – FTB.

Landscape Architect Licensure Exam Application Process

The Professional Regulation Commission’s Licensure Examination and Registration Information System has made the commission’s work easier and less time-consuming (LERIS).

The PRC LERIS is an online platform where professionals and applicants may submit their first registration to take the board test or renew their license within the appropriate renewal year.


If you cannot register due to a technical error, our step-by-step guide will guide you; however, if you are familiar with the process, you may register immediately by visiting the PRC LERIS website.

Landscape Architect Board Exam Coverage

The following topics are covered in the Board Examination for Landscape Architects, as specified by the Board. We’ll go over what you need to know before taking these exams:

  • Landscape Architectural Design and Planning

  • Ecology and Nature Conservation

  • Landscaping Technology and Materials

  • Planting Design and Interior Plantscaping

  • Professional Practice and Ethics

  • History of Landscape Architecture and Theory of Design

Landscape Architect Licensure Exam Schedule in 2022

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, the Landscape Architect Licensure Board Exams are administered yearly.

The examination for aspiring Landscape Architects is scheduled for July 20 and 21, 2022.

Please be advised that the application submission date for the Landscape Architect Board Exam is June 20, 2022.

This schedule contains all licensure examination dates. This document explains when and how applicants will take the Landscape Architect Licensure Exam. Please consult the test schedule published by PRC.