Psychologist Licensure Board Exam: Application Requirements, Coverage, and Schedule

Psychologists are in high demand in the Philippines due to the rising mental health concerns and the number of people seeking help for such services.

If you want a better understanding of what it takes to take the Psychologist Licensure Board Exam, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the board exam – from requirements, down to the schedule. So if you’re curious and want to know more, read on.

What is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is a licensed practitioner who explores how we perceive, experience, and acts psychologically and uses this information to help people learn, clarify, and improve their behavior.

Some psychologists serve mainly as researchers and professors at universities, as well as in government and non-governmental agencies. Others serve as professionals in hospitals, schools, clinics, detention institutions, employee support systems, and private offices. Others serve as advisors for businesses and organizations. Most psychologists are interested in both research and clinical practice.

Psychologists undertake research, training, and lecturing on various subjects about how people perceive, feel, and respond. Individuals, associations, and families, as well as broader government and business institutions, can be involved in their work. Other psychologists do experiments on animals rather than humans.

What are the Psychologist Licensure Exams?

The Professional Regulation Committee (PRC) is the official government agency responsible for all licensing examinations in the country, with the exception of the Philippine bar examination. As a result, it is in charge of conducting the Psychologist Licensure Examinations.

To take the Psychologist Licensure Examinations, graduates must have a Master’s degree in Psychology from a reputable university or college.

These are mandatory conditions for qualifying candidates and soon-to-be professionals who have passed a licensing examination to preserve the workforce’s integrity.

Who is qualified to take the Psychologist Licensure Examination?

  • Anyone who meets the following criteria may apply to take the test for licensing as a psychologist.
  • A Filipino citizen
  • At least a master’s degree in psychology from a Commission on Higher Education (CHEd)-accredited institution, college, or school.
  • Has completed 200 hours of supervised practicum/internship/clinical experience in services listed in Section 3(b) of Republic Act 10029 or the Psychologist Law of the Philippines
  • Has a good moral character
  • Has no criminal record

Requirements for the Psychologist Board Examinations

All the following conditions should be fulfilled before qualifying for the Psychologist Licensure Board Exam:

  • Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA);
  • Marriage Contract from the NSO or the PSA (applicable to married female applicants only);
  • Passport-sized image of the applicant with a white background and collared attire;
  • A valid NBI Clearance;
  • Transcript of Records accompanied by a scanned image and the remarks “For Board Review Purposes”;
  • Documentary stamps;
  • An examination payment of Php 900.00;
  • CAV for those schools without SO numbers. Valid NBI Clearance (First Timers & Repeaters);
  • Three (3) Good Moral Character Certificates from any of the following:
    1. Barangay
    2. School
    3. Church
    4. Employer

What is prohibited during the Psychologist Licensure Exam?

  • Books, notes, study guides, and other printed items carrying encoded information or mathematical formulae.
  • Programmable calculators
  • Smart watches, mobile phones, earplugs, transmitters, portable computers, Bluetooth, and other communication-related technological gadgets;
  • Any bag

Psychologist Licensure Examination Registration Procedure

The PRC LERIS online portal provides a simple virtual procedure for each license examination, making it very convenient for any applicant to schedule an appointment. The PRC advises all graduates to verify their online application before sending their paperwork to any regional or PRC satellite office.

If you are unable to register due to technical uncertainty, our step-by-step approach will assist you in arranging your registration; instead, if you are already familiar with the procedure, go to the PRC LERIS website for immediate registration.

Psychologist Board Exam Coverage

The Psychologist Licensure Examination will include the following subjects, for which you must plan in advance. The following are the subjects that will be covered:

  • Advanced Theories of Personality
  • Advanced Abnormal Psychology
  • Advanced Psychological Assessment
  • Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Psychologist Licensure Exam Schedule in 2022

Psychologists’ licensure board examinations are generally conducted at least once a year, according to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). An exam is a valuable tool for ensuring that all applicants have a minimum level of applied professional knowledge of psychology.

The Psychologist Licensure Board Examination will be held on February 8 and 9, 2022, in the NCR and Cebu. The processing period begins on November 8, 2021, and ends on January 10, 2022.

This schedule includes a summary of all licensure examination schedules. This guide explains when and how applicants for the Psychologist Licensure Test will be permitted and expected.

Because of the seriousness of the pandemic, if you have any concerns or questions about the licensure examination, you can also visit the official Commission website regularly for the most up-to-date news and advice.

What to bring on the day of the Psychologist Licensure Board Exam?

  • Official Receipt
  • Notice of Admission (NOA)
  • one (1) window mailing envelope with metered stamp
  • At least two (2) pencils (NO. 2)
  • Black ballpens
  • One (1) transparent/plastic envelope (to keep your valuables and other allowed items)
  • One (1) long brown envelope
  • Health Forms (Under Joint Administrative Order No. 01, series of 2020)
  • Negative RT-PCR Test Results (if applicable), a Certificate of Quarantine, or a copy of the Complete Vaccination Card must be presented to the proctor on the day of the test for fully vaccinated candidates.