Request Application for Certifications of Board Rating and Passing

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is the commission in the Philippines responsible for all sorts of transactions – from the online application for taking the board licensure examinations, down to the renewal of Professional Identification Cards (PIC).

But other than the major transactions that all licensed professionals usually have with the PRC, one other common transaction is the online application for certifications of board rating and passing as well as having such certificates authenticated.

A lot of newly registered professionals tend to have the same question: How to get an authenticated copy of my PRC board rating online? Or how do I get a certificate of my board rating? In this article, we’ll tackle everything you need to know when requesting certifications of board rating and passing.

Under this transaction, you can select the following:

  • Authentication – Board Certificate
  • Authentication – Certificate of Board Passing
  • Authentication – Certificate of Board Rating
  • Authentication  ID
  • Certificate of Passing PRC
  • Certification of Good Standing
  • Certification of Rating

In this article, we will guide you on how to get your PRC board rating and request your registration certificate from the PRC, among many others, through the PRC LERIS platform and schedule an appointment for you to claim.

How to request PRC board rating certificate

There are two ways on how you can claim your certificate, or have your certificate authenticated, is to determine if you are eligible for an online application, or you need to proceed with a walk-in application.

Online application for certifications

The PRC has released a statement on which NCR professionals are covered and required to secure an online appointment first when making a request for their Certification of Board Rating and Passing:

Profession Year Passed
Aeronautical Engineer November 2008 to date
Agricultural & Biosystems Engineer August 2010 to date
Agriculturalist July 2010 to date
Architect January 2010 to date
Certified Plant Mechanic October 20008 to date
Certified Public Accountant October 2010 to date
Chemical Engineer November 2008 to date
Chemical Technician October 2016 to date
Chemist September 2010 to date
Civil Engineer November 2010 to date
Criminologist April 1997 to date
Customs Broker October 2010 to date
Dental Hygienist July 2013 to date
Dental Technologist December 2012 to date
Dentist June 2011 to date
Electronics Engineer October 2011 to date
Electronics Technician April 2011 to date
Environmental Planner June 2010 to date
Fisheries Technologist October 2010 to date
Forester July 2010 to date
Geodetic Engineer September 2010 to date
Geologist August 2010 to date
Guidance Counselor August 2010 to date
Interior Designer October 2008 to date
Landscape Architect March 2010 to date
Librarian November 2008 to date
Master Plumber February 2010 to date
Mechanical Engineer October 2008 to date
Medical Technologist March 2010 to date
Metallurgical Engineer October 2016 to date
Midwife November 2010 to date
Mining Engineer August 2010 to date
Naval Architect October 2008 to date
Nurse June 2009 to date
Nutritionist Dietitian July 2010 to date
Occupational Therapist January 2010
Ocular Pharmacologist July 2011 to date
Optometrist July 2010 to date
Pharmacist January 2010 to date
Physical Therapist January 2010 to date
Physician February 2010 to date
Professional Electrical Engineer September 2017 to date
Professional Teachers August 1997 to date
Psychologist October 2014 to date
Psychometrician October 2014 to date
Radiologic Technologist November 2010 to date
Real Estate Broker March 2011 to date
Real Estate Consultant November 2011 to date
Registered Electrical Engineer May 2010 to date
Registered Master Electrician May 2010 to date
Respiratory Therapist October 2013 to date
Sanitary Engineer September 2008 to date
Social Worker June 2010 to date
Veterinarian August 2010 to date
X-ray Technologist November 2010 to date

If you are under the list that was mentioned by the PRC, here is a step-by-step process on how to get started:

1. Go to the PRC LERIS online platform, also known as the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System.

2. Fill in your log-in details. You should have an account at this point since you’ve already gone through the online application and registration for your Professional Identification Card.

3. Choose the SELECT TRANSACTION on the upper right corner of the screen.

4. A pop-up window will appear on the screen which will display all the transactions available that you can have with the PRC.

5. Select the CERTIFICATIONS tab. Use the drop-down menu and choose the kind of registration certificate PRC you need. You may choose from the following below:

  • Authentication – Board Certificate
  • Authentication – Certificate of Board Passing
  • Authentication – Certificate of Board Rating
  • Authentication  ID
  • Certificate of Passing PRC
  • Certification of Good Standing
  • Certification of Rating

6. Choose your profession from the drop-down menu as well and fill in your application number from your Notice of Admission and the number of certificates you will be needing.

7. Choose a PRC Field Office and set up an appointment to process the application when and when you prefer. Select the preferred payment method to pay the transaction fee. You can pay the processing fee in person at the PRC Office or via Landbank/UCPB. A pop-up message will show the transaction summary. Then press the submit button.

8. Select the UCPB option to proceed with the transaction. A confirmation window would open, showing the reference number as well as the appointment time and date. Take a snapshot of the reference number and then visit a UCPB branch to make an in-person purchase. Please keep in mind that payment validation will take 2 to 3 working days while using this option.

9. Go to your preferred PRC branch location that you have selected during the online application on your set date and time to proceed with claiming your certificate/s. Take note, you will need to bring a photocopy of your updated Professional Identification Card, a certification fee of Php 75 for release after 3 workings days, or a fee of Php 200 which can be released on the same day.

10. If your transaction is centered on having your certificate authenticated, make sure to bring an original and photocopy of the PRC registration certificate to be authenticated, a certification fee of Php 75 for release after 3 workings days, or a fee of Php 200 which can be released on the same day.

Walk-in application

For board passers who earned their licenses prior to the listed period above, please be advised that to make a request for issuances of your needed certificates as walk-in clients in the PRC National Capital Region – Morayta.

Upon arriving at your selected PRC branch, here is a step-by-step process on how to request your certificate/s.

1. For those who want to request a Certification of Board Rating, bring the original and photocopy of your valid PIC. For those who want to request a Certificate of Failure and Board Rating, present the original and a photocopy of your valid Identification Card. For those who wish to authenticate their certificates, bring your updated PIC, the original, and a photocopy of Certification of Passing or Failure or Board Ratings to be authenticated.

2. Obtain a Request Form from the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk Officer-of-the-Day (PACD).

3. Present the Request Form and all other documentation required to Counter 4 (Cashier) and pay the certification/authentication fees (P75.00 per document).

4. Submit all records for review at Counter 2 and wait for the release at the same counter.

If you have any concerns with the PRC, feel free to check out the Commission’s most frequently asked questions or check out for their contact information for any specific concerns on their official website.