7 Best Tips to Become a Topnotcher in the Board Exam

Board exam season can bring a lot of pressure into your life. There might be friends or family imposing their high expectations on you. Not seeing your name on the board passers list is the last thing you want to happen at the end of this journey, so better make the most out of it to make sure you succeed.

However, rather than just understanding how to pass the board exam, why not achieve something better? Like becoming a topnotcher in your batch?

How to Become a Topnotcher in the Board Exam

In an attempt to do this, it will require a tremendous amount of discipline and sacrifice of some of your hobbies for a few months. The important part of this rigorous routine is consistency – so you have to focus on your goals as you do your best to stick to them.

However, because of such a strict routine that could go on for months, it is inevitable that you will experience mental breakdowns, self-doubt, and negative thinking along the way – as well as the overwhelming transition of once being students to entering the real world. So rather than just becoming a board exam topnotcher, we are going to show you how to do it with a healthy mindset.

1. Choose a trusted review center

While some students have been studying the last couple of years alone during their college life, self-review may not be the best option when studying for the board exam. Dependable and trusted review centers tailor their review sessions that are most efficient for reviewers to absorb and apply during the board examination.

Review centers don’t just provide effective review techniques, but also a sense of camaraderie as you will be studying along with fellow board exam takers from other universities, and even your friends from college if you choose to study together.

As they say, no man is an island – so that sense of belongingness with people who share the same goal as you will give you a boost in your confidence to take the board exam – and become a topnotcher. This creates a healthy mindset for reviewers rather than being anxious, reviewing on your own during the board exam journey.

2. Create your own study schedule and stick with it

Only studying during your sessions in the review center is not considered a study schedule. Of course every after session, you’re gonna have to refresh your mind at home and read a couple more books and resources.

When doing this, it is best to create a schedule for yourself that you will need to stick with. Understand first what time of the day you are most productive and when your brain can absorb the most information. Some people are more productive in the morning, while others feel more awake and active at night. This will truly depend on the individual – so listen to your body.

And once you have determined which hours you are most productive in reviewing, create a schedule surrounding those hours. Preferably, to be executed in a solemn environment with little to no distraction so that your focus is at its peak.

3. Keep yourself healthy

You may often see on social media or even in general media and television representation, how students stay up all night studying and even just survive on 6 cups of coffee a day to study – you might have even done the same during your thesis days. However, this should not be a habit if you want to pass and become a board exam topnotcher with a healthy mindset.

How can you have a healthy mindset when you don’t even have a healthy body? You’re not doing your body any favors when you abuse its capacity to overwork. Eat vegetables, sleep at least 7-9 hours a day, drink lots of water rather than just depending on caffeinated beverages.

Lack of sleep and proper nutrition will not help your brain function at its best and absorb the necessary information that you will. It could also cost you to get sick and not even be capable of taking the board exam altogether.

4. Be consistent

When you attempt to take on various board exam tips to make the most out of your board exam review experience, they will not take effect if you are not consistent with them.

It doesn’t matter if you enrolled in a reputable review center if you’re not consistent with your attendance. It doesn’t matter if you create a review schedule for yourself and you don’t have the discipline to be consistent with it. It doesn’t matter if you try to eat more healthily this week, only to return to old habits the week after.

Above all else, consistency is what’s gonna help you how to pass and be a topnotcher in the board exam. It also reduces the anxiety of knowing that you are doing everything under your control, you’re being responsible to become a board exam topnotcher.

5. Take a break

Now, now – just because you have a lot to study doesn’t mean you should exhaust your body every single day just to learn everything. Your body and your mind need to rest as well.

Taking a break is essential if you want to maximize your brain’s learning capacity. No mind gets to function to its greatest potential when overworked. So taking a day off in the week to relax your mind and taking nights off is important so that you can get back to studying reenergized.

6. Listen to classical music

Research and studies in the past have shown that listening to classical music while studying helps individuals retain information better. Many topnotchers in the past have applied this technique in their routine back in their board exam review days.

It wouldn’t cause any harm to try it out and add a new genre to your playlist if this isn’t something you would’ve originally enjoyed in the past. This technique may prove helpful to you and your performance – and you’ll be closer to understanding how to pass the board exam.

7. Don’t study hard, study wisely

Studying hard is not a practical solution if you think this will help you be a topnotcher in the board exam. Other than that, it is completely unhealthy for anyone to think they can study everything – nonetheless, remember everything on the day of the examination.

This is when studying wisely comes into play and how review centers actually help out the most. They will give out the probable topics that will appear per subject and condense it. And when it comes to the board exam, memorizing everything won’t help you at all. It’s all about understanding the concepts altogether.

Lastly, you need to understand what learning style fits the best for you. Some people learn through reading and self-study. While others learn more through audio-visual presentations and even through e-books.

Early on during your board exam journey, you need to identify what learning style fits the best so that you can maximize the time that you have and your brain’s capability to absorb information so that you can do your best during the board exam.

Key Takeaway

Preparing for the board exams can be a stressful ordeal if you’re not entirely up for the plans it will take to become the topnotcher that you want to be. That’s why it’s important that all throughout the process, take care of your mental health as much as possible. This is no longer a time when you were once students taking on an exam in school. So take the breaks that you need and stay healthy.

There is no doubt that once you put your mind into it and create the necessary actions it will take to reach your goal, you will soon become topnotchers in the board exam.