Effective Tips on the Day of Your Civil Service Exam

You have made an effort when it comes to filing your application and studying for the civil service exam. But all that preparation doesn’t end there!

It’s more vital than ever to be extremely alert on the day of your Civil Service Exam. All those months of studying dreadful subjects such as Logic, learning the passing rate to pass, and even gathering your requirements for the application alone will be wasted if you don’t even get an adequate score to pass the Civil Service Exam.

That’s why we’ve laid out a few effective tips and tricks that you should take note of during the day of your Civil Service Examination. This is applicable to those taking the pencil and paper mode. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will ensure that you’ll come out of the testing room, confident that you’ve passed.

1. Visit your testing center at least a day before your tests

This is one of the most effective tips and tricks that should be more common for all examinees. The last thing that you want to happen is to end up being late for your scheduled Civil Service exam. This usually happens because examinees are not familiar with the location of the testing center.

To prevent this, it’s best to visit the testing center ahead of time. So you can familiarize yourself with the commute and estimate how long it will take for you to get there. It removes a lot of anxiety as well since you’re fully aware of where you’re going.

2. Eat a healthy, preferably your favorite, breakfast

Having the right, delicious meal to start off your day will definitely boost your energy for the events lined up on the day of your Civil Service Exam is one of many effective tips and tricks. Don’t underestimate how draining the Civil Service Exam can be. So better gather up all the energy you need, including a good night’s rest, to be fully alert on your actual exam day.

3. Go to the testing center early

Make sure to arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before the exam. It worsens the test anxiety if you’re running late and all your focus for the Civil Service examination just gets thrown out of the window.

4. Go to the restroom first before taking the test

It’s the worst time to be distracted by your bladder while you’re taking the test. So this effective tip is important. Be sure to have gone to the restroom to get all personal businesses out of the way. A distracting bladder can really affect your concentration for the Civil Service Exam.

5. Bring your examination number

This is not just an effective tip, but a requirement. Your examination number will be needed during the Civil Service Exam. Make sure you bring this on the day of your exam.

6. Follow the instructions carefully

Make sure to follow the instructions that were given before taking the Civil Service Examination by your instructor. Listen to what they say. They will be instructing which parts to fill in or not fill in your answer sheet.

Instructors will also inform you what subject you will be taking and the time allotted for that particular exam. Do not do things that your instructor has not instructed. This can include opening the test booklet if the instructor hasn’t instructed it. Always follow the instructions.

7. Make sure you have extra pencils

You can never have too many pencils when taking the Civil Service Examination. Just kidding. At least 2-3 will be fine. Just don’t bring only one pencil. You’ll never if you might lose it somewhere and you won’t be able to take the test anymore.

8. Be sure your pencils aren’t too sharp

Pencils that are too sharp and pointed could damage your answer sheet, especially if you’re overshading your paper. Make sure that when you sharpen your pencils, they aren’t too sharp that can pierce through your paper.

9. Double-check your answer sheet

Once you’re done with your test, make sure to double-check at all times before submitting. This is one of many effective tips and tricks to check if you have missed any questions in the Civil Service Exam. Make sure that no question is left unanswered. If you don’t know the answer to that specific question, then your best bet is to use the elimination process to heighten up your chance of getting the correct answer.