CSC COMEX Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CSC COMEX?

The Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination System (CSC COMEX) is one of two modes on how examinees can take the Civil Service Examination.

The other mode, which is the Paper and Pencil Test (PPT), is the more traditional method. As the name suggests, examinees take this mode of the exam by using only paper and pencil.

How was the CSC COMEX developed?

The CSC COMEX was first preceded by the Computer-Assisted Test (CAT) version 1.0 back in December of 1994. The CAT version 1.0 was developed to enhance the overall test experience of examinees. The CAT enabled examinees to read questions on a computer screen and write down their answers using the computer keyboard.

The CAT was revolutionary back in its day in taking the Civil Service Examination because:

  • Of its user-friendly system;
  • It has an automatic saving mechanism that stores data efficiently and can easily be retrieved;
  • It includes a ten-minute, ten-question practice test that helps examinees become familiarized with the system before the actual test;
  • The system automatically shuts down once the time limit has expired;
  • It processes and releases the test results in an hour;
  • It automatically displays the items that were left unanswered.

The CAT version 1.0 was then transferred to various Regional Offices in the country in 1995 for accessibility and all Regional Offices by that time were already conducting the Civil Service Examination through the CAT.

A 2.0 version of the CAT was developed 9 years later. In the 1.0 version, all the test data were loaded in individual computers with the use of a diskette. With the new and improved CAT 2.0 version, the data was then loaded in a server that was accessible by CAT computers – which in turn, made the test administration a lot more efficient.

The CAT version 2.0 has the following features:

  • Operates in a local area network environment;
  • Has the ability to deploy multiple sets of test form in one exam session, which lessens cheating probabilities;
  • Has an encryption mechanism that guarantees the integrity of the test data;
  • Has an integrated scoring module which makes the processing of test results a lot faster;
  • Same with the 1.0 version, this also automatically displays the items that were left unanswered.

With continuous technological advancements, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) works steadily toward sustaining competent and efficient administration of civil service examinations.

Because of this, the CSC develops the contemporary, and what is widely recognized today, Civil Service Computerized Examination System or CSC COMEX.

In collaboration with the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute, the CSC COMEX is a newly introduced system that was designed to unite all the existing examination processes which include application acceptance and processing, preparing examination documents, conducting examinations, processing of results, and generation of examination reports into one, convenient system. The CSC COMEX runs through a Wide Area Network environment where all Regional Offices will be connected to the CSC Central Office’s central server.

The CSC Computerized Examination has the following features:

  • Complete integration and implementation of the new system in CSC Regional Offices across the country;
  • Opens a lot more opportunity for applicants to take the computerized examination mode;
  • Provides a secured, tamper-proof examination system that ensures a more reliable verification process of applicants and examinees;
  • Linkage to CSC existing systems such as the DIBAR, EDQIS, and eRetakers, provision of online copies of application forms and applicants profiles, which eliminates the manual filling up of application form;
  • Generation of standardized examinee photos;
  • Capturing biometrics of examinees; and
  • Offers user-friendliness.

How do I take the Career Service Examination through the CSC COMEX?

You must first register an account on the COMEX website. Fill out the username and password section – then continue adding the necessary information on the next pages. This will include your personal, education, employment, eligibility, and other important information. Read the “Terms and Conditions” and tick the box below once you’ve finished. Follow the CAPTCHA instructions and click “Submit”. Check the verification link that has been sent to your email in order to activate your new COMEX account.

Log in to your account and on the next page, click the “Reserve a Slot Now!” button so that you can view the examination schedules available. Select your preferable date and testing center and click “Reserve”. Print out the “slot reservation” confirmation that has been sent to your email. Bring this printout on the day of the examination.

On the day of your personal appearance, present yourself at the testing center for identity verification, examination fee payment, capturing your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature.

Where can I take the CSC COMEX?

The CSC COMEX is administered in sixteen (16) Testing Centers across the Philippines. You can take the CSC COMEX in your preferred Testing Center; can possibly be one of many CSC Regional Offices (CSCROs) or the Central Office.

How many slots are available per examination schedule?

Twenty (20) examination slots are available in each Regional Testing Center while fifty (50) slots are available in the Central Office per examination schedule.

What’s the difference between the Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT) and the CSC COMEX?

The PPT and the CSC COMEX vary in terms of:

1. Filing of application

In the PPT, the application is filed in person in any CSCRO while the application for the CSC COMEX begins once the applicant reserves a slot. The application is complete once the said applicant confirms their online reservation during the personal appearance at the Testing Center.

2. Examination fee

The PPT examination fee is Php 500, while the CSC COMEX costs Php 600.

3. Manner of taking the Civil Service Exam

With the PPT, examinees are given a test booklet with the test questions and record their answers on a separate answer sheet. With the COMEX, however, all the test questions are flashed on a computer screen and examinees record their answers on the computer through the keyboard.

4. Number of days test results are released

The release of the results when it comes to the PPT will take 45 days. On the other hand, the results of the CSC COMEX are released within an hour after the test.

Is the CSC COMEX more difficult than the PPT?

No, as the test forms used for both the PPT and the CSC COMEX have the same level of difficulty. Both modes also contain the same number of items and also have the same time limit.

What are the documentary requirements to take the CSC COMEX?

  • 1 valid ID
  • Printed application
  • Passport-size ID photo

Why can’t I edit my profile?

Editing data is temporarily disabled once you have reserved an examination slot. You may request editing of data only during slot confirmation or personal appearance.

I am a registered user but I can’t reserve a slot. Why?

This happens when the CSC COMEX system has found in the CSC database files that the applicant is not qualified in taking the Civil Service Exam. The said applicant may not be allowed to reserve a slot if they meet any of the following conditions:

1.It was found on the database that the applicant is prohibited from taking any civil service examination due to the involvement in examination anomaly, or has been prohibited from re-entering government service as a result of the imposition of the penalty of dismissal;

2. The applicant reserves a slot for the same level of examination, either Professional or SubProfessional, he/she has taken within three (3) months; anD

3. The applicant reserves a slot for an examination he/she has already passed.

Is there a cutoff for slot reservations?

There is no cutoff for reserving a slot. As long as the number of slots in a particular examination schedule and your preferred Testing Center is not yet full, you can still reserve a slot.

Can I reserve more than one slot for the same level of examination?

Technically, yes. However, you may not be allowed to take the examination in a subsequent schedule based on the following reasons:

1. if you have already passed the examination you previously took; and

2. if you failed the previous examination but the gap between your next schedule is less than three (3) months.