Interior Designers Licensure Examination (IDLE) Postponement 2021

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced last March 12, 2021, on their official website that the interior design licensure exam 2021 (IDLE) scheduled this coming June 29-30 and July 1, 2021, shall be postponed for the time being. The interior design board exam 2021 is rescheduled to be conducted on the same dates in 2022.

This is pursuant to Resolution No. 1330 which details why the decision to postpone the interior design licensure exam 2021 was made.

Resolution No. 1330

Back on February 9, 2021, a meeting attended and conducted by the Tripartite Committee in Interior Design consisting of the Professional Regulatory Board of Interior Design (Board), the Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE), and the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) to discuss the concerns that were brought up by faculty and graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design when it came to the Interior Designers Licensure Examination (IDLE).

The following concerns were raised during the meeting:

  1. The physical and mental health risks that have been experienced and brought up by both licensure examinees and examiners, and the further escalation of such risks that both parties may encounter should the face-to-face set-up if the Interior Designers Licensure Examination (IDLE) were to push through for the usual three-days;
  2. The challenges that have been imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic that has been a struggle for all stakeholders. These challenges include the difficulty in meeting logistical and administrative requirements; and
  3. Travel restrictions being a huge concern, especially with the quarantine protocols that have already started to recur. Especially for examinees who will be coming from Visayas and Mindanao.

Therefore, it was requested by the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) to the Board, in its capacity as the Accredited Integrated Professional Organization of Interior Designers, along with the Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE), a postponement of the Interior Designers Licensure Examination (IDLE) this June-July 2021 and reschedule thereof to 2022.

The Board evaluated the joint request from all parties and considered the safety and well-being of all stakeholders involved and contemplated the postponement as a precautionary measure to prevent the further transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, the Board recommended the said request to the Commission.

Hence, the Commission resolves, as the interior design board exam Philippines is hereby postponed on June and July 2021 and shall be subject to rescheduling on the same dates to 2022.

Please be guided accordingly. For any concerns, you can always check the Professional Regulation Commission’s official website for the latest news and updates.