PRC Online Oath Taking Ceremony 2021

The oath-taking of professionals in various fields has always been a milestone every newly licensed professional anticipates. It was always about coming together with your fellow colleagues in your best Filipiniana or Barong Tagalog as you finally receive the license that you’ve been working hard for the past couple of months – even years.

However, quite unfortunately, with the travel and mass gathering restrictions imposed as the country is still under a public health emergency, the oath-taking of newly registered professionals will not be the same for some time.

Therefore, it was highly recommended by the concerned Professional Regulatory Board that conducting mass oath-taking ceremonies should be postponed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this imposed, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has now implemented an online oath-taking application system wherein the oath taking will take place virtually to allow the new licensure exam passers to register immediately and practice their respective profession in the midst of a health crisis.

As this is a new venture for everyone, the new passers can be confused with how the online application works. So we’ve listed the step-by-step procedure guide to help you sign up for the PRC Online Oath-taking Application.

PRC Online oath-taking application guide

We’ve listed 7 steps that will guide you in signing up for the PRC online appointment schedule application.

  1. Log-in to your existing account on the Licensure Examination & Registration Information System (LERIS) online portal. Now, choose the SELECT TRANSACTION button. Go to the upper-right corner of the pop-up and click the e-OATH tab as the transaction of your choice. ‘
  2. Fill out the necessary information on the corresponding spaces: (1) Choose your profession and (2) type down the application number that is indicated on your Notice of Admission (NOA) to get the virtual oath taking schedule. Provide your application number as indicated in your Notices of Admission (NOA) to get an online oath taking schedule. After you’ve filled out all the necessary information, click PROCEED and you will be redirected to the appointment module.

Because of the system’s automated verification, only examinees who have passed the exam will be redirected to proceed with their transaction and set their preferred appointment date and place for their respective online oath taking.

  1. Choose your preferred PRC Regional Office and select NEXT. The online system will automatically recommend the earliest date scheduled for the online oath taking.
  2. Once everything has been confirmed, click SUBMIT APPLICATION to proceed with the transaction.
  3. The system will automatically send you a confirmation message through a pop-up which will list down a summary of your transaction. At the bottom of the pop-up, click the CLICK TO GO BACK button and you will be redirected to your EXISTING TRANSACTIONS.
  4. On the EXISTING TRANSACTIONS tab, your transaction details are laid out. Click the PRINT DOCUMENT button on the right section to print out your oath form.
  5. You will receive an invitation link and password for the video conference through an email confirmation that will be sent to you. Take note that the online oath taking conferencing link and password are highly and strictly confidential. You are not allowed to share the information as it is prohibited.

Online oath-taking ceremony protocols and requirements

Listed in this section are the protocols and requirements before and during the online oath taking ceremony.

Formality requirements:

  • When preparing for the online oath-taking, you are advised to download the Microsoft Teams application on your laptop or desktop. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the application in terms of its operational functions and features prior to the online oath-taking ceremony.
  • Take note that you are also required to wear formal, business, or any attire that is required by the concerned Professional Regulatory Board (PRB).
  • Prior to the online oath-taking ceremony, make sure that your setup area during the event has a stable internet connection to avoid technical difficulties and disruptions. Ideally, your setup area should have minimal to no background noise to maintain the solemnity of the online oath-taking ceremony. Use a white backdrop – or choose a virtual background throughout the ceremony.
  • Prior to the scheduled online oath-taking ceremony, all passers are required to print out the OATH OF PROFESSIONAL form. You can download this form at the PRC Online Services.

Pre-Ceremony protocols:

  • Open the invitation that has been sent to your email at least an hour before the scheduled date and time of the online oath-taking ceremony for initial identity screening. For example, if your online oath-taking ceremony is scheduled at 10 AM, the screening time for all attendees will be held from 9 AM to 9:45 AM. So make sure to click the link between that time.
  • Don’t be late. Attendees that attempt to enter the video conference fifteen minutes prior to the start of the actual ceremony will not be admitted. Inductees who are unable to join the video conference within the said screening schedule will not be allowed to join the video conference and take their oath.
  • You will be directed to a lobby/virtual waiting room upon clicking the link. You will be required to standby until the host admits you to join the main video conference room.
  • Only one device is allowed to use when logging-in and joining the video conference. Such names who will appear more than once in the video conference list of participants through the use of other several devices will be presumed to have shared the details of the link with unauthorized persons. Therefore, violating the rules that were mentioned in the formality requirements. Furthermore, all attendees with multiple names on the said video conference will no longer be admitted to the online oath-taking ceremony.
  • Attendees who have been denied admissions to the online oath-taking ceremony video conference will no longer be readmitted into the room but will still be allowed to schedule another appointment.

Proper decorum

  • All inductees are expected to maintain the solemnity and formality of the online oath-taking ceremony. Activities that entail disruption such as stepping out of the video conference, shouting, taking calls, and any other activity that can interrupt the formality and solemnity of the online oath-taking ceremony are prohibited. No other object or person is allowed to be seen with the inductee at the time of the video conference.
  • It is required to turn ON your video camera during the video conference, but the audio must always be kept on MUTE to avoid distractions; except during the recital or administration of the Professional’s Oath.
  • Attendees who exemplify all kinds of offensive, improper and unwarranted behavior during the online oath-taking ceremony will be warranted immediate removal from the video conference. They will be tagged to have failed to fulfill the requirement of the oath. They, however, will be allowed to get another appointment scheduled for the online oath-taking ceremony.
  • All inductees are required to complete the online oath-taking ceremony. You may take a screenshot or photo of the ceremony that shows yourself as proof that you have attended the video conference – in addition to the generated list of attendees in the system.
  • Inductees who fail to join the scheduled date of their online oath-taking ceremony, for whatever reason it may be, are allowed to get another appointment scheduled. All you need to do is repeat the step-by-step process that has been fleshed out in the guide above.
  • Reminders in case of internet connection disruptions:
    • Attendees whose internet connections are interrupted BEFORE the recital of the oath shall be allowed to enter the video conference again – as long as the recital or administration of the Professional’s Oath has not yet commenced.
    • Attendees whose internet connections are interrupted DURING the recital of the oath will not be allowed to enter the video conference again and will be requested to get another appointment for the online oath-taking ceremony.
    • Attendees whose internet connections are interrupted AFTER the recital of the oath shall be considered to have attended and completed the ceremony. They will be tagged to have attended accordingly.

For any concerns, you can always contact the PRC through their contact information on their official website.