Mechanical Engineering Board Exam: Application and Requirements

Are you preparing for the Mechanical Engineering Board Exams this year? Then it’s best to have the extensive knowledge all aspiring mechanical engineers will be needing in order to earn that license.

Before applying for the board licensure examinations for mechanical engineering, it’s best to know how much time you have ahead to plot what you will need to prepare for the coming months. Check this year’s schedule of licensure board examinations that will be conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) along with the PRC Board of Mechanical Engineering.

If you already know when you’ll be taking the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam, then read ahead to know what you’ll need to prepare for to take the exam.

Mechanical engineering board exam requirements and application

1. Now that you’re all set and ready to prepare for the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination, here’s the PRC mechanical engineering requirements you’ll need to prepare:

  • Transcript of records

    • It must include the Date of Graduation, Special Order, Seal of the School, and scanned photo with the remarks “For Board Exam Purposes Only”. You can acquire this in your college or university.
    • The cost of a Transcript of Records will vary per institution.
  • Birth Certificate

    • You can acquire this from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
    • The cost of a Birth Certificate is Php 140.
  • NBI Clearance

    • You can acquire this from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).
    • The cost of an NBI clearance is Php 115.
  • Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or Cedula

    • You can acquire this in your barangay, municipal, or city hall.
    • The cost of a Community Tax Certificate will vary per city.
  • Marriage Certificate

    • Required only from female applicants who are married. You can acquire this from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
    • The cost of a Marriage Certificate is Php 140.
  • Metered Documentary Stamp

    • You can purchase this from the PRC office of your scheduled appointment place.
    • The cost of a Metered Documentary Stamp is Php 21.
  • 4 pcs Passport Sized Photos

    • The photos must have a white background and the applicant must be in a collared attire. The photos must be in a JPG file from the photo studio.
    • The cost of a Passport Sized Photo will vary per studio.

2. After you have compiled all the requirements that you’ll be needing, you need to go to the PRC LERIS online platform to register an account and schedule an appointment date for your Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam application.

You can read the detailed step-by-step guide right here.

3. Once you’re scheduled appointment has been set, be sure to mark the date and time on your calendar as to not forget. On the day of your personal appearance at your chosen PRC Regional Office, make sure to bring all the documents that were mentioned earlier and purchase the metered stamp upon arrival at the PRC Regional Office. Don’t forget to bring your own black pen as well for convenience.

For any concerns, you can always contact the PRC through their contact information on their official website.