Philippine Civil Service Examinations 2021 Update

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic that has struck the Philippines, most operations have been halted – this included the Career Service Examination-Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) that was suspended until further notice back on the 10th of March 2020 when the country was declared in a State of Public Health Emergency.

Thus, it has been encouraged over the past few months for professional examinees to take the Computerized Examination (CSC-COMEX) instead, in their respective regional offices.

No more than 10 examinees are allowed per schedule, as stated by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), to ensure safety protocol for everyone involved – and will continue to do so until further notice.

Civil Service Examinations for 2021

The Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC) released a formal statement on its Facebook page earlier this year regarding the civil service exam in the country.

The commission regrets to inform you that in spite of the continued interest of the public to take the Philippine civil service examinations for the year 2021, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) admits that implementing the conduct of examination is still difficult.

The CSC recognizes that public health measures needed to contain the spread of COVID-19 – such as prohibiting mass gatherings, are necessary actions to prevent the further rising of COVID-19 cases in the country, as they were first imposed back in March of last year.

Furthermore, the commission still aims to utilize online tools that will enable aspiring government workers to take civil service tests that will limit the risk to public health and safety.

In line with this, the conduct of Professional and Subprofessional level examinations to be administered this year will be announced once the commission has thoroughly studied the various modes in which the examinations can be conducted in the safest manner possible.

Special eligibility for 2021

Meanwhile, civil service eligibles who have qualified (as listed below) to obtain civil service eligibility by virtue of special laws and relevant CSC issuances may apply for these eligibilities through the Civil Service Commission’s Regional Offices.

Special eligibilities

  • Board/Bar Eligibility (R.A. 1080)
  • Honor Graduate Eligibility (P.D. 907)
  • Foreign School Honor Graduate Eligibility (CSC Res. 1302714)
  • Barangay Official Eligibility (R.A. 7160)
  • Barangay Health Worker Eligibility (R.A. 7883)
  • Barangay Nutrition Scholar Eligibility (P.D. 1569)
  • Sanggunian Member Eligibility (R.A. 10156)
  • Electronic Data Processing Specialist Eligibility (CSC Res. 90-083)
  • Scientific and Technological Specialist Eligibility (P.D. 997)
  • Skills Eligibility – Category II (CSC M.C. 11, s. 1996, as Amended)
  • Veteran Preference Rating (E.O. 132/790)

Please be guided accordingly.

For any concerns, you can always check the Civil Service Commission’s official website or their Facebook page for the latest news and updates.