The Civil Service Exam: Application, Requirements, and Schedule

The civil service exam will require months of preparation, from reviewing to gathering all the necessary requirements for filing a civil service exam.

Here is the master guide to ultimately help you in passing the test.

When is the Civil Service Exam 2022?

The first administration of the Civil Service Exam will take place on March 13, 2022. The application process will begin on January 12, 2022, and finish on January 27, 2022.

The second batch of exams takes place on June 19, 2022. The application period will run from April 12, 2022, through April 28, 2022.

The schedule of the Civil Service Exam would depend on the mode of the exam you are trying to apply for:

Paper and pencil test (CSC-PPT) schedule

The Civil Service Commission conducts examinations for the CSC-PPT twice a year, usually scheduled in March and August.

You can start applying a few months before the release date of the examination, which will be processed by the Civil Service Commission Regional and Field Offices.

For example, I plan to take the civil service exam by March. The civil service exam online applications will be open from November of the previous year until the last day of January. However, if you choose the month of August to take your civil service exam, applications will be open from May until the last day of June.

Take note that for both schedules, the Civil Service Commission limits the number of applicants who can take the exam. Thus, following a first-come, first-served basis policy. This further highlights that filing your applications early on is a must.

Additionally, these schedules can also shift without prior notice. So it is best to get the latest updates regarding the schedules for the civil service exams. You can follow the Civil Service Commission through their Facebook page or website for the latest information.

Computerized examination (CSC-COMEX)

However, the Civil Service Commission conducts the CSC-Comex through its several Regional Offices or its Central Office.

Through the Civil Service Commission’s Central Office, the exam is administered several days throughout the months of February, April, May, and June. The schedule of the sub-professional exam, however, is only allotted for two days.

Keep in mind that these schedules may change in the future. So you will need to get updated with the Civil Service Commission through their online platforms.

Who is eligible to take the civil service exam?

  • A Filipino citizen with excellent moral character, at least 18 years old.
  • Has no criminal record or has not been convicted of an offence or crime involving moral turpitude by final judgment.
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from military service or fired for a reason from any government civilian employment. Has not gone the same route
  • The level of career service test must be taken within three (3) months of the previous examination.

Civil service exam qualifications and application requirements

Applicants who want to take the test must prepare the following documentary requirements for filing for the civil service exam. Once you’ve completed the necessary requirements, you may file your application at the nearest CSC Regional Office or CSC Field Office of your choice.

1. Filled out civil service exam application form

You can download the civil service exam application form here.

Take note: Leave “Signature over Printed Name of Applicant” and “Right Thumbmark” blank. You may only fill these spaces in the presence of a CSC processor.

2. Four (4) copies of ID pictures

The pictures must meet the following requirements:

  • Passport size (1.8 inches x 1.4 inches / 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm)
  • Colored ID picture
  • With white background
  • Must be taken within 3 months before the application
  • All copies must be printed on high-quality photo paper
  • Face and head must occupy 80% of the photo with the name tag placed 1 inch below the chin
  • The name tag must be handwritten and distinctively shows the applicant’s signature over the printed full name; it must follow this format: First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name (if applicable)
  • Computer enhancement on facial features is NOT allowed
  • Accessories such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc. are not allowed
  • Both ears must be visible
  • The applicant must be directly facing the camera
  • Eyes should be open
  • A neutral facial expression only

3. Valid ID card (Original and photocopy)

The valid ID card must show the applicant’s complete name, birthdate, clear picture, signature, as well as the signature of the issuing agency’s head or representative.

You can find the complete list of valid IDs accepted by the Civil Service Commission.

Suppose your valid ID does not indicate your date of birth. In that case, you will be required to submit an original photocopy of your birth certificate duly issued by either the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or the Local Civil Registry (LCR).

4. Certification of Retention/Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship (Original and photocopy; only if applicable)

This document is required from all applicants with dual citizenship to prove their eligibility to take the exam. The Bureau of Immigration issues this.

5. Examination fee

  • Php 500 for the paper and pencil test
  • Php 680 for the computerized examination

6. Appointment letter copy sent to your email (only if applicable)

This is only applicable to those taking the computerized exam.

Where to apply for the Civil Service exam?

Paper and pencil test (CSC-PPT) application

1. Download the application form and fill in all the necessary information EXCEPT for your signature and thumbprint.

2. Go to your local Civil Service Commission Regional Office (CSCRO) or Field offices to file your application.

  • Wear proper attire upon the application date. A sleeveless shirt/blouse, short pants, and slippers are not allowed.
  • The Civil Service Commission follows a first-come, first-serve basis policy, so it would be wiser to submit your application once the application season begins.

3. Add your signature and thumbprint on the application form once you are with a CSC processor or Action Officer.

4. Submit the application form for review.

  • If you qualified, you would be redirected to the cashier to pay the examination fee. Otherwise, the personnel will inform you why you’re disqualified to take the test.

5. Return to the Action Officer with the official receipt of your application and your processed application form. You will then be provided with essential examination reminders and the examination receipt slip.

Computerized examination (CSC-COMEX) online application

The civil service exam online application instructions are laid out accordingly below:

1. Go to the CSC-COMEX website and click the “Sign Up Now” button to create an account.

2. Fill out the username and password section – then continue adding the necessary information on the next pages. This will include your personal, education, employment, eligibility, and other important information.

3. Read the “Terms and Conditions” and tick the box below once you’ve finished. Follow the CAPTCHA instructions and click “Submit”.

4. Check the verification link sent to your email to activate your new COMEX account.

5. Log in to your account, and on the next page, click the “Reserve a Slot Now!” button to view the available examination schedules.

6. Select your preferable date and testing center and click “Reserve”.

7. Print out the “slot reservation” confirmation sent to your email. Bring this printout on the day of the examination.

What should I bring to the Civil Service Exam?

Paper and pencil test (CSC-PPT)

1. Know where you have been assigned to take the test. Check your exam venue’s Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA). If you end up confused, you can read our complete guide here.

2. Make sure to fill in the requested information on the corresponding fields. Once your ONSA is displayed, print it out and bring it on your examination day. If you’re having trouble accessing the ONSA, you may call the CSC Office where you filed your application.

3. Make sure to visit the examination venue at least two days before the exam to familiarize yourself with the area. This will help you to schedule your commute so that you will get to the venue on time on the day of the examination.

Bring the following:

  • Receipt application with CSC Official Receipt (if available).
  • Notice of School Assignment (printed copy).
  • Black pens and pencils.
  • Water or your preferred beverage (except alcohol) is placed in a clear bottle or container. You can also bring something to eat like biscuits or candies. Every food item you’ll bring shall be subject to inspection by the proctor or room examiner.
  • Original and photocopy of the ID card you presented during the application. Don’t forget this since CSC strictly implements its No ID, No Examination policy. Make sure your ID card displays your date of birth, or you’ll need to bring an original copy of your birth certificate issued by the PSA.
  • DO NOT bring printed materials or gadgets that may help in answering the exam. All these should be kept in your bag and surrendered to the room examiner before the exam starts.

Computerized examination (CSC-COMEX)

1. Go to the testing venue on the time and date of your examination as indicated on the ONSA.

2. Submit the documentary requirements mentioned earlier to the processing area for verification. Present any valid IDs listed below (original and photocopy):

  • Philippine passport
  • Driver’s license
  • SSS ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • NBI clearance
  • PRC license
  • Postal ID
  • BIR ID
  • Current company ID or school ID
  • Barangay ID
  • Police clearance certificate

Similarly, with the paper-and-pencil test, ensure your ID card displays your date of birth, or you’ll need to bring an original copy of your birth certificate issued by the PSA.

4. Once verified, go to the cashier and pay the exam fee, Php 680.

5. Present the receipt to the CSC processor or action officer.

6. Get your CSID and proceed to the waiting room.

7. Sign the picture-seat plan and the attendance sheet after the orientation.

What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

You may wonder what to do now that you have submitted your application for the Civil Service Examination. Here are some pointers:

1. Gather your paperwork

Organize all necessary paperwork for the test day, such as valid IDs, examination slips, and receipts. They will be helpful when your CSC Regional or Field Office requests them. Don’t let them go!

2. Review

Don’t only depend on your stock knowledge. Understand the exam’s scope and acquire study resources. You may also utilize our free online civil service reviewer with sample exams to get a feel for the actual tests you’ll be taking. Remember that if you don’t prepare, you’re planning to fail.

3. Wait for ONSA’s announcement

The ONSA or Online Notice of School Assignments will be released on the CSC website about two weeks before your test date. This is where you will learn about the actual location of the examination.

DO NOT put off checking the ONSA until the last minute. If you have doubts regarding your venue, contact your Regional or Field Office as soon as possible to avoid getting lost on test day. Please keep in mind that the CSC will not be able to respond to your questions on weekends.