PRC List of Allowed Calculators in the Licensure Exam

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) issued back on March 4, 2004, Memorandum Circular No. 2004-06 the list of brands and models of non-programmable calculators that are allowed in all licensure examinations.

Back on April 18, 2018, however, the PRC announced that it will be prohibiting two of the most profoundly used calculators – which has now been updated as Memorandum Circular No. 2018.

Detailed below is the updated list of allowed calculators to be used in all PRC examinations. This list is supposed to guide examination personnel and examinees alike to ensure that the results of the licensure exams are valid and reliable.

List of PRC allowed calculators

I. Casio Scientific Calculators

Fx-95MS Fx-122S Fx-350HA Fx-82ES PLUS
Fx-100D Fx-220 Fx-350MS Fx-85MS
Fx-100MS Fx-250HC Fx-350TL Fx-85W
Fx-100S Fx-260 Fx-570AD Fx-901
Fx-100W Fx-300W Fx-570MS Fx-911W
Fx-115MS Fx-350D Fx-570S Fx-991MS
Fx-115S Fx-350ES PLUS r-x-570W Fx-991S
Fx-115WA Fx-350EX Fx-82EX Fx-991W

II. Canon Scientific Calculators

F-502 F-710 F-718SG F-720i
F-502G F-718S F-718SGA F-760S
F-604 F-718SA F-720 F-789SGA

III. Sharp Scientific Calculators

EL-500W EL-506W EL-510R EL-531XH
EL-501V EL-509D EL-520G EL-531W
EL-501W EL-509R EL-520VA EL-546L
EL-501X EL-509V EL-520W EL-546VA
EL-506P EL-509W EL-520X EL-556G
EL-506V EL-509X EL-531VH EL-W531

IV. Hewlett-Packard Scientific Calculators

HP 9S HP IOS HP 30S HP Smartcalc 300S

V. Citizen Scientific Calculators

SR-135N SR-260N SR-270N SR-270X SR-281N

VI. Aurora Scientific Calculators

AX-501 AX-528BL AX-595TV AX-597W AX-600S

VII. Olympira Scientific Calculators

LCD 8110 LCD 9210 ES-570MS ES-570ES PLUS

VIII. Texas Instruments Scientific Calculators

Tl-30XA Tl-30XllS Tl-30XS Tl-34 Tl-36X PRO

IX. Karce Scientific Calculators

KC-S991 KC-S3500

X. Porpo Scientific Calculators

LCD 8110 YH-106

XI. Takun Scientific Calculators

TS-98MS TS-2000

For any concerns about the PRC allowed calculators, you can always contact the commission through their contact information on their official website.