PRC Online Initial Registration Guide

So, you passed the licensure examination but don’t know what to do next to get your Professional Identification Card (PIC). You’re in luck because everything is now going online, including the PRC online registration for new board passers and scheduling an appointment. As a result, fewer transactions are involved, resulting in faster waits and less hassle.

The previous initial application and registration process required applicants to complete an oath form to have their documents checked. Then you would have to deal with the hassles of manually filing all of the specifications, not to mention the long lines at the cashier’s window.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), luckily, is now using the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System, or LERIS V2. Several manual transactions were practically abolished, allowing the PRC to accommodate more candidates with fewer resources. All of the old system’s challenges have been significantly diminished, if not solved.

Admit it, not everyone is comfortable using computers or making online transactions and services. As a result, we established this PRC Online Registration guide for all those who struggle with the transition. This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of completing the PRC online initial registration and how to set an appointment date and time.

Applicants for registration are required to bring the following:

Assume you’re doing so for the first time, you would be asking What are the requirements for initial registration? Before filling out any forms, make sure you have the following registration requirements:

  • A verified and accessible email address;
  • Your cellphone number/mobile phone number;
  • ate of college graduation as well as other important information;
  • An I.D picture in .jpg format;
  • Community Tax Certificate or Cedula.

PRC Online Initial Registration Procedure

Now here’s the guide to get you started:

1. Using a reliable computer with a strong internet connection to access the PRC LERIS online platform. Log in, if you already have an existing account, with your login information; otherwise, go to the REGISTER tab to build an account. Read the Terms of Service and then press the I Agree button to begin the account development process.

2. Fill out the required details, then press the REGISTER button to proceed.

3. Fill out your profile account with the required details. If necessary, use the drop-down menu, then save your details by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Please include a high-quality photo. Take the steps below to prevent delays or rejection:

  • The photos must be 2×2 inches in size and on a white backdrop.
  • The photos must have been taken no more than 6 months before they are uploaded.
  • The candidate must dress well and wear a collared shirt.

The online application will be rejected if it does not meet the photo requirements and once any of the following conditions are noticed:

  • The claimant does not look like the person in the photograph.
  • The applicant wears glasses.
  • The backdrop is not absolutely white.
  • There are shadows in the picture.
  • The applicant’s ears are covered.

5. In the upper-right portion of the page, click the SELECT TRANSACTION button. Select Initial Registration as your transaction, then fill out the form with the correct details. To proceed to the appointment list, click the Proceed button.

6. Select the PRC Regional Office and appointment schedule where and when you want to process the application. To pay the processing fee, pick your chosen payment option. Here are the different payment methods to choose from:

You have the option of paying the registration fee in person at the PRC Office or via Landbank/UCPB. The transaction description will be shown in a pop-up message. Then, hit the submit button.

7. Proceed with the transaction by selecting the UCPB option. A pop-up window will appear for confirmation, displaying the reference number as well as the appointment time and date. Take a screenshot of the reference number and then go to a UCPB branch to make an over-the-counter payment. When using this option, please keep in mind that payment validation will take 2 to 3 working days.

8. Since June 28, 2019, the Professional Regulation Commission has started accepting payments through Paymaya via VISA, Mastercard, JCB (Credit/Debit Cards), and Pay via Paymaya (with Paymaya Accounts). You may also choose these options when selecting transaction methods.

9. PRC cashier payment option – If you want to pay the full amount at the PRC cashier on the day of your appointment, you must provide proof that you have an existing appointment made online.

10. Check the payment status by clicking the EXISTING TRANSACTION button. Print the oath form until your payment has been authenticated.

11. In the upper-right section of the page, click your name, then the LOGOUT button. This is needless if you are using your own personal computer. However, if you are using public computers, such as those used on the internet and in cyber cafes, please log out at the end of your online session. This is done to shield yourself from hacking, data theft, and any malicious intent, as well as to deter others from accessing your account.

12. Proceed to the PRC Office you picked on the appointment page on the day of your appointment. Remember to carry your printed oath form.

That’s it! For the PRC’s online filing system, the initial application for the enrolling process has never been smoother. Hopeful this guide will be able to help you with your online initial registration for PRC to become a licensed professional.

For any issues and concerns, you can always visit the Professional Regulation Commission’s official website for more details.