Civil Service

Filling out the SALN form can be a daunting task for someone who is doing this for the first time. A lot of questions can arise without the proper guidance especially if you don’t know the features of the form. If you’re still unfamiliar with what the SALN is all about, it’s best to understand… Continue reading How to Fill Out the SALN Form?

When planning your next appointment with the Civil Service Commission (CSC), whether it’s for application for the civil service exam or getting your certificate of eligibility, it’s best to know your options on which office to set your appointment with. This will save you a tremendous amount of time in commute. So check out our… Continue reading Civil Service Commission (CSC) Field Offices

Civil Service Commission Regional Offices One of the best ways you can prepare for the Civil Service Examination is to locate a Civil Service Commission Office near you; whether it be the Central Office or the various Regional Offices scattered in the country. The designated Civil Service Commission Offices have general functions that have been… Continue reading Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Offices

What is the CSC COMEX? The Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination System (CSC COMEX) is one of two modes on how examinees can take the Civil Service Examination. The other mode, which is the Paper and Pencil Test (PPT), is the more traditional method. As the name suggests, examinees take this mode of the exam… Continue reading CSC COMEX Frequently Asked Questions

If you just recently passed your civil service examination or you earned your professional license in your profession from the PRC and now have just stepped into your new position working in the Philippine government, you should be familiar with what the SALN is already. Not yet? Then this article is for you. In this… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About the SALN

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